Suenso Spa Pedicure Treatment!

Even though our toes are exposed during summer, it doesn’t mean that pedicure should be a seasonal thing. It would be advisable that you try and […]

After Summer Skin Care

Summer is reaching its end and after enjoying a fantastic holiday bathing in the sea or relaxing in a pool under the sun, you feel totally […]

Suenso Spa nominated for 2018 European Spa, Fitness & Wellness awards!

We are pleased to announce that Suenso Spa got its 2nd discrimination and has been nominated as a potential winner in the 2018 European Spa, Fitness […]

Rosacea and Acne Rosacea vs Pevonia RS2

Rosacea is a common skin illness, which often begins with a tendency of redness that can slowly spread from the nose and cheeks to the forehead […]