Body Polish

€35 - 40'

A body exfoliation that removes impurities and dead skin cells. Skin is deeply cleansed and hydrated, leaving it glowing and replenished. Ideal prior to any treatment.

Deep cleansing for back

€65 - 60'

A complete treatment to aid all back complains. An area of the body that is out of reach, but still requires skin care. Skin is deeply polished and muscles are totally relaxed.

Body wrap for cellulite

€60 - 70'

The ultimate answer to effectively treat cellulite, topical fat areas and firming. Combining the richness of sea plants and Marine Algae, this therapy helps to re-mineralize your body and to relieve the discomfort of fluid retention. Including exfoliate, massage on the legs, reflexology, massage on the tummy to stimulate the colon and mask (topical)

Anti - cellulite massage with honey

€30 30'

The massage with honey is one of the best and most effective treatments against cellulite . During massage the beneficial substances from honey readily absorbed by the skin and toxins are trapped by removing them from the system. Essential oils are gradually released into the body during the massage , so increasing the results . It has a positive effect on the entire nervous system and also gives shine and silky texture on the skin.

Cold treatment

€50 - 50'

This treatment it’s effective for circulation, water retention, varicose veins, cellulite and firming.

Suenso body wrap

€70 - 60'

A body exfoliation followed with natural creamy mask. This excellent antioxidant sugar scrub and regenerating mask contains Moroccan Argan oil from the seeds of fruits, essential oils and natural extracts. Exfoliates, moisturizes, leaving the skin smooth and silky, slows down the aging process, prevents the harmful effects of the sun, protects and heals the skin. (mango-mandarin )

Seaweed body wrap

€55 - 60'

Powerful seaweed wrap for muscle pains, painful joints and arthritis. Seaweed mimics our blood plasma and therefore recognizes it and takes it readily into the skin. As this thermal mud aids your pain, escape into a deep relaxation as we perform relaxing scalp massage