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Skincare routine for summer

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Every coming month gets hotter than it has been in the past, this has been a continuing trend asglobal warming continues to ravage the earth. Winters are delayed and often cut short, spring and autumn often feel nonexistent, as summer stretches out for a prolonged period throughout the northern hemisphere. We often wonder why the cold and dry weather at the end of the year fares better for our skin compared to the warm and cozy sunny days; ultraviolet rays aren’t the only answer to that question as research has shown that our skincare routine for the summer needs to adapt with the times.

Here are some tips and suggestions to beat the heat and maintain or bring back your skin’s natural shine and glow.


Everyone turns to lotions and moisturizers in the summer as our skin would otherwise become dry. However, we don’t adjust that behavior when the sun is at its hottest. Many popular moisturizers wear off due to perspiration and humidity; hence, it is advised to use light moisturizers that are easy on the skin and protect you from the sun. We highly recommend Thalgo’s Peeling Marine Sunscreen for daily use. In addition, at Suenso Spa we offer a complete range of sunscreens for the face and body (30 and 50 SPF)

2. Give your skin a breather

Skin breakouts are more common in the summer due to higher levels of humidity. But we often fail to realize that applying heavy makeup and using a number of skincare products frequently for a prolonged period in hot and humid conditions can also cause skin irritation. Experts advise tossing your usual skincare products in the drawer and switching over to lightweight foaming cleansers and toners for the summer. Maintaining your stress level can also have a positive impact on your skin. Take breaks from work regularly.

These suggestions although beneficial, often provide results in varying degrees causing concern and heightening stress. Suenso Spa’s experts can consult you with the best methods and techniques to maintain your skin. Whether what you need is as minor as a facial or as lengthy as skin enhancement therapy, it depends on the damage the sun has already done or whether you simply need to take preventive action. Choose among a wide variety of treatments we provide that can reverse the damaging effects of the sun and restore the natural glow and radiance of your skin.

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