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After Summer Skin Care

Summer is reaching its end and after enjoying a fantastic holiday bathing in the sea or relaxing in a pool under the sun, you feel totally recovered and perhaps ready to return to your daily routine, but…What about your skin?

It is particularly important that you should not neglect your skin especially after summer, and fall is a great time to focus on reversing any skin damage and restore the shine that might have been lost, as the cooler air of Autumn is creating layers of dead skin cell buildup.
Begin the skin care routine by washing your skin two times per day, i.e. once in the morning, to cleanse any oil that was created overnight and once in the evening to remove any dirt or make up from the day. This will clean your skin from any bacteria and prepare it to accept the rest of the skin care routine.

Exfoliate: To completely free your skin from impurities and dead skin, get in the habit of exfoliating two days a week (Not in a row, e.g. choose Tuesdays & Fridays), and of course apply a treatment mask right after exfoliating

Moisturize: Even if you do not realize it, the skin steadily loses moisture during the hot months and as result, it feels dry and dull during the cooler months. It is vital that you use a moisturizer everyday, a different one for your face and body.

Sunscreen: Even when the sun is hidden behind clouds, the harmful rays are still present. You should always remember to use sunscreen before you leave your house each and every morning.

Remember your feet: Walking around barefoot or in summer shoes can do real damage to your feet. The skin on the bottom of your feet doesn’t have to be rough and full of calluses. Exfoliating this area is just as important as moisturizing it with a lotion.
Regardless of the season, keep in mind that it’s important that you listen to your skin and notice signs that it is not getting what it needs. In such case, you are more than welcome to visit Suenso Spa and have a professional face and body treatment by our aestheticians along with professional advice on how to regain and retain healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.