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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage:

Indian Head Massage is a traditional massage therapy that has been practiced for over 4000 years. It is very effective in relieving tension from back, neck, head and face. This kind of massage is beneficial for our whole being as the warmth and the power of essential oils, drizzling into your head helps in balancing the whole body and spirit!

First of all, it renews the energy levels. Sometimes, the main energy centers of our body (Chakras) can be blocked! Aiming to perform the normal flow of energy, the massage releases any negativity and tension, creating a feeling of wellbeing.

It can also relieve migraine, headaches and back pain. Starting by pressuring the points in the upper back, arms and shoulders, to release muscles and knots, the therapist will be slowly moving up to the neck and head area to reduce headache and encourage better circulation.

Massage often – Sleep well. A monthly schedule of such a massage treatment will encourage relaxation and “open” the body to better rest, which can relieve the individual from sleeplessness and insomnia!
Indian head massage can also be beneficial to your hair, as it increases the oxygen to the hair follicles and this in turn can promote hair growth!

And last but not least, it can boost memory! The massage will force you to relax, slow down and calm! The thoughts are silenced and sensual awareness takes over the baton.

Indian head massage constitutes a very popular treatment that doesn’t need too much of your time but will benefit you greatly. If you have not experienced such a Massage before, you should definitely try it at least once! It will give you the feeling of being heaven.