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Tired, Aching, Swollen Legs and Varicose Veins?

Many people suffer from tired, aching or swollen legs and varicose veins, and this is usually caused due to standing or sitting for long periods. The first symptoms to notice are uncomfortable feelings in the legs/feet, but usually this discomfort goes away once one get some rest or move their legs to another position. However sometimes it may develop into cramps, coldness, tension, tiredness and ache in the legs. The ankles may swell and the skin may itch and change color.

Making some lifestyle changes such as not stand or sit for long periods, maintain a healthy weight and exercise often to improve blood circulation may be a positive addition for the treatment of foot problems. However, several Spa treatments can be really helpful with such issues! Suenso Spa recommends the Frigi Thalgo Cold Treatment, which is designed to control water retention and varicose veins and provides relief from tiredness while stimulates circulatory changes will be a great help to prevent any further development. You may try this unique cold therapy for 45’ at the price of €40 (Initial Price €50)