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Seaweed Body Wrap

The belief that the mud has healing powers existed for thousands of years, as natural hot springs were popular long before the creation of the modern health spas.

Even thought beneficial for muscle pains, painful joints and arthritis, Seaweed body wrap (Mud Therapy) also constitutes an effective therapy for elasticity, cellulite and targeted weight loss. Containing the richness of sea algae, it also helps the restoration of lost minerals from the body and relieves the discomfort of fluid retention. The cellulite therapy includes exfoliation, intense feet massage, reflexology, abdomen massage – to activate the intestine – and a topical mask.

The mud therapy is a powerful therapy – based also on Seaweed – which treats muscle pains, painful joints and arthritis. With the capacity of imitating our blood plasma, our body recognizes it more easily, thus Seaweed properties penetrate deeper into our skin. As the healing mud relieves pain, you may escape in a deep relaxation while enjoying a relaxing massage on your head.

The main ingredient in both therapies is Seaweed, which is packed with minerals and vitamins, and considered to be the key to good health as well as beauty and rejuvenescence. More specifically, seaweed contains natural anti-ageing and anti-cellulite properties, improving the suppleness and the elasticity of the skin by stimulating the renewal of damaged skin cells. It is also an excellent detoxifier which deeply cleanses the skin, while keeping it hydrated and smoothed.

This slippery sea plant may look gross when spotted on the beach, but it contains powerful ingredients able to make Seaweed our skin’s new best friend!

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