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Suenso Spa Pedicure Treatment!

Even though our toes are exposed during summer, it doesn’t mean that pedicure should be a seasonal thing. It would be advisable that you try and keep smooth and healthy feet all year round, as feet could also use a little bit of your attention.

☯Soak them in Warm Water – Soaking your feet in steamy water will stimulate blood flow and prepare the skin for the next treatment.

☯Feet Mask – Just like face masks, feet masks can serve many different purposes such as cooling, softening, deodorizing and getting rid of bacteria and fungus, along with preparing the skin for deeper care.

☯Exfoliate – Use an exfoliating paddle with softening oils to exfoliate away old, dead skin and moisturize the new layer of skin to keep it soft.

Massage – Use a rolling massager to give your feet a stress-relieving foot massage.

☯And last but not least: Don’t forget to apply lotion for extra moisturizing power.

Now your feet are more than ready to accept a nice nail polish which will give a little bit of shine and sparkle on your toes and hopefully will make you a little more careful with your feet!
If you are looking for something more luxurious and blissful then choose the Spa Pedicure Treatment from Suenso Spa and enjoy a full luxury pedicure treatment which includes a relaxing foot bath to soothe your tired feet, exfoliation, a nourishing mask and a relaxing foot massage followed by an application of nail varnish.