For a definitive spa experience

Book our exclusive couples treatments, which create the perfect mood for you and your partner/friend while enjoying your chosen treatments together.

Couples Swedish Full Body Massage



A relaxing massage which eases aching muscles, improves circulation and relaxes your mind.

Couples Swedish Βack Μassage


Concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders, this massage will help to relieve stress and tension from muscles..

Couples Luxury Αromatherapy Μassage

€120 60'

€160 85'

From the sole of your feet to the crown of your head, enjoy this aromatic massage using the highest quality essential oils chosen to suit individual needs. The power of this aroma creates sensation of pleasure and wellness to deeply heal your mind and body, whilst soothing your soul.

Couples Luxury Αromatherapy Βack Μassage

€80 40'

Focusing on the back, neck and shoulder using a prescribed blend of essential oils to help relax and soothe tension from muscles.

Couples Indian Head & Back Massage

€90 40'


Indian Head Massage has been practiced for over 4000 years. It’s very effective to relieve the tension from your back, neck, head and face. The warmth and the power of essential oils, drizzling into your head helps to balance your hair, scalp and mind.

Couples Deep Tissue Massage

€140 60'


This intensive massage is helpful in releasing back tightness, sore shoulders, sports-related aches and stiffness. Eliminate toxins and promote relief, relaxation and wellbeing.