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Wrinkle Correcting Facial 60′

Thalgo’s first triple marine filler that improves, smoothes and fills up the wrinkles. An anti-aging treatment that synthesizes three hyaluronic acids with marine collagen and roller boosters. Intensive Wrinkle Correcting serum is applied with light pressure. The main ingredient are the seeds from the plant Alphalpha (clover) that includes various active substances such as provitamin A (retinol) and several other vitamins/minerals. In the deeper layers it enhances the synthesis of collagen from fibroblasts and inhibits the enzymes that destroy the digestive bonds in collagen. Dermastim + massage is performed to diminish the wrinkles and improve blood circulation.Afterwards, we apply a mask of cellulose and seaweed fiber. Above the mask, three specialized massage rollers are used on all the wrinkles to emphasize on the effectiveness.

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Due to the 1st hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight, the fine lines of dehydration and expression “extinguish”, the skin restores the lack of moisture and looks more youthful and radiant.
Visible wrinkles become smoother thanks to the 2nd medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It boosts endogenous epidermal hyaluronic acid production and activates keratinocyte renewal.
The 3rd low molecular weight hyaluronic acid along with the marine collagen from the ocean microbiome enhance the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Thus, the existing wrinkles are “filled” gradually.

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