Body Polish

€50 - 40'


A body exfoliation that removes impurities and dead skin cells. Skin is deeply cleansed and hydrated, leaving it glowing and replenished. Ideal prior to any treatment.

Deep cleansing for back

€80 - 60'


A complete treatment to aid all back complains. An area of the body that is out of reach, but still requires skin care. Skin is deeply polished and muscles are totally relaxed.

Seaweed body wrap

€80 60'


Powerful seaweed wrap for muscle pains, painful joints and arthritis. Seaweed mimics our blood plasma and therefore recognizes it and takes it readily into the skin. As this thermal mud aids your pain, escape into a deep relaxation as we perform relaxing scalp massage

Cold treatment

€60 50'


This treatment it’s effective for circulation, water retention, varicose veins and tired legs.

Marine Prelude Exfoliating Wrap

€80 50'


Using Natural Marine Mud from the Dead Sea and Marine Salts, this original scrub offers detoxifying exfoliation paired with a truly relaxing effect. Skin is soft and energised, roughness removed and the body relaxed.