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Suenso Spa Pedicure Treatment!

Even though our toes are exposed during summer, it doesn’t mean that pedicure should be a seasonal thing. It would be advisable that you try and […]

Why skin care is important – The 4 best Vitamins for your skin!

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body and one of the most complicated? Yes, it’s truth!! Skin has many roles […]

SUENSO SPA: A luxurious, distinguished and awarded Spa in the heart of Limassol!

Suenso Spa is located at 14A Platonos Street in Limassol and is the ideal destination for absolute relaxation and rejuvenation in small or big getaways from […]

Thalgo Christmas Coffrets

Now available at Suenso Spa! Packaged in beautiful, blue gift boxes, the Thalgo Christmas Coffrets bring together gorgeous gifts with amazing value – perfect for yourself […]