Free skin consultation

At Suenso Spa it’s very important to discuss your needs and to find the most appropriate treatment and product for you.

A course of six treatments

A course of six treatments over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimal and longer-lasting results. After the series of six has been completed, applications are advised just once o month.

Mini cleansing facial

€50 - 40'


Ideal for all skin types including peeling and massage.After the mask your skin looks oxygenating and fresh!

Deep cleansing for all type of skins

€80 - 60'


Using steam to help flush out impurities, combines extractions with specific products personalized for the client needs

Deep cleansing for demanding skins

€100 - 90'


A therapeutic deep cleansing facial for demanding skins. The steam helps to decongest clogged pores, increase circulation and to make easier the extractions

Acne treatment

€70 - 50'


A specific treatment with anti-bacterial properties and active ingredients which help to refine the skin’s surface.

Ocean Blue Facial

€80 - 60'


Give your skin a bath of hydration rich in remineralising marine active ingredients. In this professional treatment, Sève Bleue des Océans extract is combined with Thalgo Micronised Marine Algae extract, to instantly hydrate and strengthen even the thirstiest skin.

Wrinkle Correcting Facial

€100 - 60'


Anti-aging treatment with marine collagen combined with 3 hyaluronic acids that work from the outer layer of the skin to the deepest. In association with specialized massage rollers the result is visible in the restoration, smoothing and filling of wrinkles.