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SPIRULINE BOOST THE MARINE BOOSTER FOR CITY SKIN with Energising spirulina, boosted with Marine magnesium

Urban life and its behavioural excesses (smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, eating on the go,
stress, pollution) expose the skin and body to high levels of oxidative stress.
This overexposure to free radicals and toxins saturates the antioxidant systems and
brings about cellular and physical fatigue. The energy metabolism slows down, delaying
the regeneration of skin cells.
The body is less able to recover, the skin becomes less resistant and the signs of fatigue
set in. An uneven complexion, sleep wrinkles, drawn features, expression lines and tired
eyes reflect these urban excesses which trigger the premature skin ageing process.
After the age of 25, this skin fatigue affects three quarters of women, creating a more marked
facial appearance.

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To reduce skin fatigue and prevent the first signs of ageing, the THALGO Laboratories have
developed a complex of active ingredients combining Energising Spirulina and anti-stress Marine Magnesium.
The Energising Spirulina is obtained through repeated, respectful fragmentation (mechanical
extraction and double enzymatic biocatalysis) of the active nutrients contained in fresh spirulina taken from controlled aquaculture.
This eco-friendly process makes these active nutrients more available, more easily absorbed by the skin and more concentrated, imbuing the Energising Spirulina with specific properties superior to those found in traditional spirulina.
With higher levels of hydrolysed proteins and sugars, nutrients that boost the cell and energy
metabolism (ATP), the Energising Spirulina optimises epidermal renewal and structure, reducing the signs of skin ageing and the impact of urban stress.
It can also stimulate the expression of the genes involved in the synthesis of epidermal hyaluronic acid (plumping effect), filaggrin (resilience, plumping effect and aquaporin (hydration) 1.5 times more than traditional spirulina

Also more concentrated in antioxidant polyphenols, the Energising Spirulina effectively protects the skin from oxidative stress.
The Energising Spirulina is boosted with Marine Magnesium, obtained by concentrating sea water (up to 100 times more concentrated), in its most bioavailable form (topical and oral routes).
Soothing, tension-relieving Marine Magnesium has a relaxing “botox-like” effect on the skin’s features, helping to reduce the general signs of fatigue (oral route) and skin stress (topical and oral routes).
Energising Spirulina boosted with Marine Magnesium is the new energising/antioxidant skin combo to correct the signs of skin fatigue and the first signs of urban ageing.

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