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A Swedish massage, a perfect way to end our quarantine

The Coronavirus made us realize the value of going outside for leisure and workout. Worse yet, it has made us missing going to work and seeing other people. Our dream was a lie and never has been a better time to admit that humans are social animals.

Our organic interactions make us who we are, being robbed of that right and trapped inside of our homes for over eight weeks has slowly begun to test our patience and sanity. Those who were smart enough to have invested in home-gym equipment before the pandemic had taken the first step in the right direction but found themselves lacking the motivation to continue working out regularly. To those who spent hours at the gym pumping iron daily, morning stretches with some weights seemed more like a walk in the park and left them wanting more. The absence of gym partners who provided us the push that we needed was being felt worldwide, and even Zoom calls did not change that empty feeling.

This pent-up energy inside us subsequently led to our muscles becoming tense and our bodies feeling uneasy. It has started affecting our health adversely in more ways than one as our posture, sleeping patterns, and even mental health have deteriorated over time. To handle the post-quarantine stress, both physically and mentally, a proper massage is suggested from a trained professional.

Now as we gοt our lives back in order, you can easily get back to shape with a visit at Suenso Spa and beat the rush. While there are many options from our massage services to choose from, we suggest you begin with a Swedish Full Body massage. Not only are they a great way to introduce yourself to a world of both physical and mental relaxation, around the spa community Swedish massages are widely known to be the best choice for beginners looking to get hooked to the lifestyle. A full body massage would, reinvigorate and reenergize the muscles, untying knots, and relieving strains, and allowing them to move freely with ease.

People swear by the effects of this soothing massage and become regular clients, choosing to have a biweekly or a monthly session. We tend to ignore the importance of stress, which is a known enemy to our well-being. Henceforth, we must take some measures to fight it and a Swedish massage does exactly that, as it alleviates stress and makes us feel much calmer and lighter. Research and interviews have proven its long-lasting effects on our bodies as it boosts flexibility, improves blood circulation, and promotes good posture. Regulars of this form of relaxation therapy have reported to have better sleep and fewer cases of headaches over time. A Swedish massage would be the perfect note to end our quarantines, drowning all the accumulated stress and springing right back into our lives.

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