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How to apply your products in the right way

Proper care of our face starts with choosing the right products and the way we apply them. It is very important to moisturize our skin morning and night to keep it glowing and refreshed. But the help of our hands is just as important, activating the cells of our skin and blood circulation.

a. We clean our face and neck very well with the right cleanser, depending on our skin type, always with circular upward movements. Using cotton, remove the remnants of the lotion with lotion from the center outwards.

b. The serum can be applied with gentle strokes all over the face and neck.

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c. Then we put the eye cream with the middle finger because it is the lightest, and therefore the most ideal for the sensitive area of the eye. With a very small amount, we start from the temples and make dots following the bone around the eyes and then on the eyebrow. Continue with gentle strokes. If you have a headache you can apply light pressure under the eyebrow and temples. Do not apply the cream closer to the eye as it will cause puffiness and tenderness in the eyes. The cream is transferred closer anyway, but it is done slowly.

d. Proceed with the face cream. Make gentle movements with your fingers, starting from the neck alternately from bottom to top. Continue from the chin to the ears and from the nose to the temples. On the forehead from the center outwards and upwards.