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Protect your skin during summer!

Summer is the season of relaxation, but it can be particularly tough for the skin as it is continuously exposed to the sun and the seawater. We all love being on the beach, in the sea and under the sun, but unfortunately these exposures assist the appearance of signs of aging on our skin, not to mention that this is the number one cause of skin cancer.
The role of the skin in our overall health is particularly important as – being a sensory, secretory and excretory body organ – it performs many different functions:

☀It acts as a shield for the body, as it constitutes its first defense, preventing harmful substances from entering our body while it reduces its vulnerability to infections.

☀It protects our body organs from being damaged (e.g. from hits).

☀It regulates body temperature, balancing the heat.

☀It is involved in the synthesis of vitamin D.

☀It prevents the evaporation of water from our tissues, thus it prevents dehydration.

What can someone do to protect their skin during this beautiful season approaching?

We could advice you the usual: Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen (High SPF) at least 30 min before exposing to the sun and repeat frequently, avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day (12:00-16:00), choose and use cosmetic products with UV protection daily, don’t forget your sunglasses (full UV protection), it is good to wear a hat or always wear a wide one while being on the beach and so on… But, no matter how good these tips are in protecting our skin, they should be followed after taken care of the most important thing: Get to know our Skin Type!

Each type of skin has its own needs, so the first step, to protect and properly treat the skin is getting to know it well! All face & body care products are targeted to specific skin types and the advices given by aestheticians are of your personal concern. You should also take under consideration that your skin type will not remain the same, as it depends on the season changes and ageing.

So … if you don’t know your own skin type at any time, how will you learn to take care of it properly?

The answer is simple and easy… Get to know your skin type, by organizing frequent visits to aestheticians! Give to your skin the utmost care using the appropriate products, along with following the advices of the experts for your own skin type…

Suenso Spa Specialists are always available to help you discover your skin type and suggest the corresponding products/treatments, in order to protect your body’s “shield” during this summer!