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Rosacea and Acne Rosacea vs Pevonia RS2

Rosacea is a common skin illness, which often begins with a tendency of redness that can slowly spread from the nose and cheeks to the forehead and chin, sometimes even to the ears, chest and back. When left untreated, it often develops bumps and pimples. Pevonia RS2 Line is especially designed to cope with the signs and symptoms of this skin disorder, offering a professional and effective way to control and reduce foci:

☞RS2 Gentle Cleanser (200ml): A gentle cream, formulated to be used on any skin with microcirculation issues. It incredibly calms the skin and decreases its sensibility while cleansing!

☞RS2 Gentle Lotion (200ml): An important step for preparing the skin to accept further treatment. It reduces blotchiness and irritability while healing, hydrating and cooling the skin.

☞RS2 Concentrate (30ml): An exceptional light gel concentrate which heals, sooths and decongests effects for all skin types suffering from microcirculation problems, leaving a feeling of relief, comfort and coolness.

☞PS2 Care Cream (50ml): A refreshing cream with elegant texture and delightful fragrance, full of actives. Its composition proves to be healing, decongesting, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant, and antioxidant.

Rosacea Facial: This alleviating thermal clay mask is capable of relieving those suffering from severe sensitivity, broken capillaries, Rosacea and Acne Rosacea, as it properly decongests and calms skin for an even, healthy appearance.