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5 factors that negatively affect the skin and hair

Nutrition This is probably the most important factor affecting the health of our skin and hair. It is very important to nourish and moisturize them from […]

How to apply your products in the right way

Proper care of our face starts with choosing the right products and the way we apply them. It is very important to moisturize our skin morning […]

Three important vitamins for our health this season

Vitamin CIt has a key role in the formation of COLLAGEN, which is important for the growth and repair of tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones, […]

SPIRULINE BOOST THE MARINE BOOSTER FOR CITY SKIN with Energising spirulina, boosted with Marine magnesium

Urban life and its behavioural excesses (smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, eating on the go,stress, pollution) expose the skin and body to high levels of oxidative […]